February 25, 2014

Life as we know it

I have once more gotten slack with my blogging, and for that I apologize. My elder daughter is on her school's team for Odyssey of the Mind, so we have all been busily preparing for that. The competition is this weekend, and the kids are pretty excited. I have been acting as one of the parent coaches, and as we approach competition day, our whole family has been eating, sleeping and breathing OM.
We are hoping that the kids will be selected to go on to the next round of competition in Charlotte in April. If you would like to donate toward that trip, you can do so here, at our Go Fund Me page.
With any luck, we will be able to return to (what passes for) normal around here next week!

February 2, 2014

Scheduled Meandering and the OCD Traveler

     True facts, ladies and gentlemen - I am a pain in the ass to travel with.
     When I travel, I strive to be hyper organized and I tend to get really stressy and uptight when things don't go my way. Alternatively, my husband's vacation mindset tends to be "Hey, that looks interesting, let's go that way!"
     These drastically opposing vacation styles do not mesh well, trust me. Thankfully, in the almost fifteen years we have been married, we have managed to find a happy medium. I am allowed to make a flexible schedule, and he is allowed a certain amount of "free exploration".
     Naturally, when we travel by plane or train, I have us scheduled down to the minute. About a year after we were married, we won a trip to LA and nearly missed our flight because my husband doesn't understand the wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey screwed up way that time works inside an airport. He spent years living that one down. 
     But, when we are on a family road trip with no time constraints, I am content to let him take over and we go where the day takes us. At least as long as we are in transit - once we arrive, the Schedule Monster tries to take over. "If we want to take the kids to this show/activity/event at X time, we need to leave the hotel by Y o'clock. We can stop at Z on the way, but we can only stay for 14 and a half minutes, any longer than that and we'll miss the beginning of show/activity/event. You know what? Let's just go straight to show/activity/event and we'll do the rest after."  And, heaven forbid something should cause us to end up being late for show/activity/event anyway, because then I am irate for the next three hours. Yay, OCD!
     I am currently sitting down to plan our trip for Spring Break. We were originally planning to go to Williamsburg, VA, but due to this winter's snowpocalypse, the husband lost three days of vacation time, and it looks like the children may lose three days of theirs as well. So we've cancelled Williamsburg in favor spending a three day weekend exploring some of what our home state has to offer. Inspired by Daughter The Elder and her interest in all places spooky, we're going to check out as many of the haunted, weird and creepy places we can find in NC.
     And I get to plan the itinerary! It's borderline perverse how happy this makes me.